Secure Start Up Systems

Secure start up systems are security tools that help prevent unauthorized software from taking control of your computer at boot time. These security tools are found on PCs and laptops that use UEFI technology (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface).

Encryption & Code Signing

Developing your website, mobile app or software securely is a key to keeping your digital startup safe from malicious hackers. This means that the code which is used to create your products must be thoroughly tested and developed.

Employee Agreements

As your business expands, it is essential that you create clear employment contracts and letter of offer to protect you from legal issues which can arise when hiring new employees. It’s essential that your employees are aware of what is expected from them, particularly when it comes time to protect your company’s data and information.

Disabling Secure Boot

Many devices, including those that run Windows 10, have a built-in system that allows you to disable Secure Boot in the firmware configuration. This is done by using a special key or a software that sets up the firmware.

Startup Security Utilities

If your Mac comes with an Apple T2 Security Chip (or similar), you can make use of a feature within Startup Security Utility that will ensure your Mac starts from the designated startup disk and always from an operating system that is trusted. This includes setting up a firmware password that prevents someone from booting from removable or external media and controlling whether your Mac is able to boot from network volumes.

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